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 Author, Copywriter and Editor based out of Toronto, Canada


Jonathan R. Rose

Published Author of Carrion, The Spirit of Laughter, Wedlock and After The Flames.

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With a heavy emphasis on clarity, regardless of how complex the subject matter, Jonathan R. Rose is
an experienced fiction and non-fiction writer.

“Rose's prose is exquisite and his compact narrative gratifyingly philosophical, bringing to mind Shelley's Frankenstein and Camus's The Stranger.”

David Massengill


“This book teaches us to take Francisco’s bravery and courage as an example. I strongly recommend this fascinating and well-structured piece.”


"Jonathan R. Rose’s feminist fable slices into the reader with the satirical razor of Angela Carter. The novel takes off like a runaway train: you think you know where it’s going but you have to ride it to the end."

James M Wright

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